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Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.  Many modalities are offered, so after you read through the following information, we can discuss which style would be most appropriate for your needs.  Gift Certificates are available for purchase.

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy / Deepfeet Bar Therapy

This deeply relaxing treatment uses the therapists body weight to press, sweep, swirl and sooth the muscles.  Many forms of barefoot massage have been brought to the United States from India, Japan, Thailand, China and the Philippines.  The majority of them are provided on a mat on the floor with the client's head turned to the side.  Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy is provided on a massage table with the client's head comfortably in a face cradle so the spine is straight and the client is more comfortable.  The therapist uses massage oil and their freshly pedicured feet to glide across the body while the client is securely draped.  The pressure can be light (similar to a Swedish massage) or the pressure can be deep (similar to a Deep Tissue and Neuromuscular Therapy Massage) which makes this a highly customizable treatment to fit different needs of different clients.

Hot Stone

If you love heat, this is the massage for you.  The stones glide over the body in a seamless dance to relax the mind and body while the heat from the stones sink to the deeper levels of tissue to aid deep muscle knots releasing and your stress melting away.

Structural Rebalancing

When the body is not symmetrical in one area, other areas are often affected by being thrown off balance to compensate which can cause discomfort or pain.  With this modality, which has a 6 session minimum, we can strive to bring back the natural balance of your body by directly affecting the specific tissues that are throwing you off balance.

Thai Massage

This modality has it's roots in Thailand and was developed more than 2,000 years ago.  If offers aspects of acupressure, massage and passive assisted stretching.  The bodywork is purposeful and slow as you are guided through movements while I will be ever respectful of your physical limitations.  You are asked to wear clothing that does not restrict movement, such as yoga attire.  This modality is not only provided while you are fully clothed, but also on a matt on the floor instead of on the massage table.



Massage Membership  After all, massage is only as good as it's maintenance!  Therefore, I provide a membership which allows you to have your monthly appointments all year.   With this membership you can have one session a month automatically drafted from your credit or debit card. The the rate lowers to $75 for a 60 minute massage and $100 for a 90 minute massage.  Any additional sessions outside of the automatic monthly draft are billed at the same discounted rate.  Your monthly sessions are good only for the month they are billed.  Each massage expires at the end of that month and no refunds are given.

Regular Reservation  Feel free to reserve a regular appointment with a credit card.

Cancelation Notice  If you must cancel your appointment, I require a 24 hour cancelation notice .  With less than a 24 hour notice of cancelation, your card will be charged the full session fee.

Ashiatsu$110 / 90 minutes
Ashiatsu$85 / 60 minutes
Hot Stone Therapy$110 / 90 minutes
Structural Integration$110 / 90 minutes
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