Marlena D. Wimsett, LMBT
Ethical Massage and Bodywork Therapy

About the Practitioner

Marlena D. Wimsett, LMBT

NC 4923, Member ABMP

My philosophy for massage and bodywork therapy is a nurturing approach.  I not only hold to similar teachings as other healers, which is to do no harm, but I try to take it further.  There is a goal I hold close in the form of an intention to aid the body and mind in healing with multiple steps.  Something so drastic does not happen with just one session.  A relationship of trust is only the foundation of my relationship with clients.  My goal is to hear my client's voice, follow up with their needs and suggest modalities that may aid their concerns.

 A practice of healing has drawn me to itself through massage and bodywork therapy.  I enjoy taking on the role of nurturer and healer in many forms in my life.  Being a mother, I care for my family's needs and being a therapist, I care for my clients.  Massage and bodywork therapy gives me a fulfilling purpose in life where I am honored to affect those around me in a positive way.  What could be more rewarding?

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